Dr.Hammett has over 44 years experience with injuries from Auto Accidents!

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Research shows that the best time to see a Chiropractor is within the first week after the accident.

If you wait longer than one week, abnormal scar tissue will begin to form causing a longer treatment time!

Typically, Chiropractic care can take between 6 weeks and 6 months to correct your trauma health related problems.

Call 262-654-3141 and let's see if we can help you!

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Attorney's and your care!

You don't always need an attorney to represent you in an auto injury claim. If your insurance company gives you a hard time or delays paying for the results of your accident, then get an attorney to represent your interests. Get one who is a member of the Trial Lawyers Association who has experience.

Attorney's are NOT Doctors! No attorney should direct your healthcare decisions! They should not direct you to "their" Doctors or clinics! Attorneys are your LEGAL representatives, protecting you legally, and not determine what and how much health care you need!

Some interesting facts on Auto Accidents

Wisconsin roads are ranked the 4th worst roads in the country!

The number one reason for car accidents is distracted drivers!

The most common accidents are rear end, T-Bone and Side swipe.

Most accidents occur within 5 miles of your home!

The deadliest months are September, November and December.

In your lifetime you can expect 3 auto accidents according to the statistics.

The safest lane to drive in? The Left lane.