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Auto Accident Kenosha

With over 37 years of experience we have the knowledge and extensive training in the latest Chiropractic treatment Techniques available.

Dr.Hammett attends numerous hours a year of post-Graduate training to allow his patients only the finest kind of Chiropractic care. Come find out if we can help you get back to health and vitality.

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​Will Chiropractic Help Me?

In a word, Yes! Chiropractic helps you by working to free your nervous system of interference from subluxations. This allows your body's own innate healing power to help heal you of whatever problems you have.

Chiropractic actually helps you return to health by removing interference to your body's nervous system. How much better you feel, or how much relief you get from any particular health problem depends on the length of time you have had your subluxations and your body's healing capabilities.

I Get It!    I Heal Me!

The human body is an amazing creation. It has the capabilities far beyond what most people give it credit for.

The ultimate answer of how healthy you can be rests entirely with you body's own innate abilities.

Most people get very good results under chiropractic care, although not everyone. The reason not everyone, is because some patients bodies have gone beyond their own healing abilities, they can no longer regenerate towards health.

" I was in an auto accident and had severe neck and back pains. at first i was skeptical but after a few visits my opinion changed. Dr. Hammett cares about the people he is treating, just go!"

Dale C. Kenosha

Poor Postures Can Be Corrected! How's Yours?

" I had long term hip pains, nerve pain, neck to shoulder pains and mid back pains. Dr.Hammett was very informative, but a great impression. i stated to feel better the first week!"   Ann M.  Kenosha