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Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept all insurances, however most insurances are very limited in their coverage, or have high deductibles. Our clinic offers numerous payment plans and programs to let you afford the care that you need. All finances will be explained prior to any treatments.

Will I have to come forever for care?

We believe in specific care and individual attention to your needs. Every patient has different health problems and concerns. Our care is designed to achieve the maximum results in the minimal amount of time. Some patients decide to go on with wellness care which is recommended but not necessary for everyone. From Pain Relief to Wellness we will honor your wishes when it comes to your health!

Does the treatment hurt?

Typically No. However when patients are in pain there can be some discomfort with a spinal adjustment. We use a variety of different treatments techniques that involve no popping or cracking, to traditional manipulations.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, and No. First and second visits require an appointment because of the time they take. Regular treatment visits generally take only a minute or two and no appointments are necessary for them.

What makes our Clinic different?

In one word, Experience! Dr. Hammett has over 39 years experience with thousands of different health conditions and patients. In 39 years there's not much he hasn't seen and helped in the health care world. Chiropractor in Kenosha. If we can help, we will. If not we will refer you to a different Doctor.

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