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The following are some things you can do at home before you call our clinic

Ice!!! In any time of pain, use Ice, Never Heat!

Ice any area of pain for a maximum of 20 minutes per hour.

Severe lower back pain?

Elevate your legs on to a chair while lying on the floor for 20 to 30 minutes per hour.

Pain Pills?

Pills generally will NOT work on nerve caused pain! Most will only give you stomach problems later on!

Medical care?

Go if you must, but if it's a nerve problem Chiropractic should be first!

Auto Accident?

Research shows that a chiropractor is the first Doctor you should see,  barring Fractures.


There are over 60 varieties of headaches and Migraines. It's best to figure out which one you have first and then determine the right course of treatment.

Stomach Issues?

First, fast for a day or two, eat less then 500 calories a day for two days, lots of water and see how you feel.

Neck Pain?

Ice the area of pain for at least 20 minutes every other hour, if it's muscle pain it should go away, if it's nerve pain, it will keep coming back and then you need to call us.

The average person will try 7 different types of self or medical care before consulting a Chiropractor.

Waiting this long will only cause you more pain and suffering!

​Call today and let's get to the bottom of your problem.


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"Migraine Headaches! Doctors, more Doctors and more drugs! Scared about chiropractic at first, then looked forward to going! I still get a few Migraines, but 80% better!" Linda M. Kenosha