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Your posture is your key to health!

For most people posture is a given until they see a picture of themselves years later

and ask, How did this happen?

98% of poor posture is created!

Only 2% is genetically caused.

Poor Posture can cause the following:

Heart problems

Digestive issues

Breathing problems

Joint pain

Strength loss

Flexibility loss

Balance problems

Low Self Esteem

​Good posture can have an immediate positive effect 

on all aspects of your health.

There are many causes to poor posture:

Physical traumas such as sports or car accidents,

repetitive stress at work, poor self esteem,

and chronic stress.

You cannot exercise yourself to a better posture!

Only when you address the spine directly can you 

correct the cause of poor posture.

Hammett clinic has helped thousands restore

there postures to normal, proven by X-Rays.

If you are interested to find out if we can

help with your poor posture,



​for a no cost consultation