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Poor posture in Not the way you are suppose to grow old! Less than 5% of poor Postures are genetical, they are acquired from repetitive tramas and insults to the spine and nervous system.

Abnormal Posture impacts your whole Health!

At Hammett Clinic of Chiropractic we have advanced training in assessing and correcting poor postures since 1980.


We have developed techniques and programs of care designed to reverse poor posture.

Most people wait too long to address poor posture thinking that exercises or sitting up straight will fix their posture problems, they won't!

Correcting poor posture takes effort, energy and time to work correctly, it takes a Doctor who is trained in the advanced procedures in posture correction.

Chiropractor Kenosha

Hammett Clinic of Chiropractic

6500-67th Street

Kenosha Wi. 53142



If you are concerned about your posture and are looking for answers.

Contact our office for a no cost consultation to see if we can correct your posture. call 262-654-3141 Today!

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