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Dr. Hammett has 41 years of expert experience with treatment of infants to seniors.

Each treatment is tailored to each patients needs and problems

Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Hammett is certified and has thousands of hour of post-graduate training in over 20 different Chiropractic adjustive techniques.

Every patient, after a Chiropractic examination and X-Rays is determined the best technique needed to correct the cause of their conditions.

Techniques range from traditional Chiropractic adjustments to precise instrument adjustments

Most treatments take only a few minutes to preform and are generally painless, however there can be circumstances where an adjustment may hurt temporarily 

Dr. Hammett believes in the recycling theory of Chiropractic, whereby occasionally a patient will become seemingly worse as the body regenerates damaged areas, this is much like the first time you exercise after not exercising for years.

Home exercises and home tractions may be needed to correct and hold your spinal correction , and we will provide those to you.

Diet Counseling is a standard part of every patients care, we encourage you to ask Dr. Hammett about any questions about your diet.

Stress management is critical in this age of ever increasing stresses placed upon everyone, Ask Dr. Hammett for any suggestive techniques for stress  management.