What to Expect

First Visit

1. Completion of our health questionnaire to allow the Doctor to familiarize himself with your history,

2. Consultation with the Doctor to determine if your in the right type of health care office.

3. Examination and any necessary X-rays to evaluation where you have a Chiropractic problem.

4.Please plan to be in our clinic for approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Second Visit

1. The Doctor will review your examination and X-ray results with you

2. At this time you will learn if Chiropractic is a course that can help, or you will be referred to another type of Doctor.

3. Typically we only accept 8 out of 10 new patients, so please do not be upset if we do not accept your case.

4. If accepted for care we will go over your treatment options and you will decide the course you wish to take, be advised that we will not "sell" you any programs of care, we will tell you exactly what we believe you need and you decide if this is what you want!

5. Treatment will begin at this visit providing that this is your desired course.

Routine Treatment Visits

1. Typical treatment visits take between 3 and 5 minutes, they are precise and fast because we have spent the time prior to your care recommendation to not guess at what to do next.

2. As an established patient you never need an appointment. although we encourage appointments we know that  everyone's schedules are busy, so just " POP" in when you need us!


1. We accept most insurances, although many are limited in there coverage of Chiropractic care. We accept all major credit cards, and Debit cards. In addition most HSA's cover Chiropractic care.

2. We do offer a pay at the time of service discount for those with limited or no insurance coverage.

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