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From Pain Relief to Correction, Hammett Clinic of Chiropractic has helped thousands regain their health and vitality. For over 40 years we have provided our patients with only the finest, up to date Chiropractic methods designed to provide the Best results in the shortest amount of time. Dr.Hammett has attended thousands of hours of Post-Graduate training to insure that you, your family and friends receive just the care you need.

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A Note from Dr.Hammett

" For most people, choosing a Chiropractor is a pretty big decision.  And, the internet doesn't help! They understand that Chiropractic care can be an ongoing process, so they want a practitioner that they can be comfortable with and can count on to do what's best for them and their Health in the long run.

It's really a matter of trust ... in my sensitivity to your needs ... my overall abilities as a Chiropractor .... and my professionalism.

I take trust very seriously because I consider my patients to be members of our Chiropractic family here. I am now treating my 4th generation of family members. That's why putting my patients at ease about their Chiropractic needs has been a top priority for me since I began practice in 1980.

In order to make the Chiropractic care experience as positive as possible, I believe in a gentle. specific and caring approach to all procedures. I also believe in outlining all the options available to you, even those that are not in Chiropractic. This way we can decide together what's your best option for your particular situation.

Above all, I want you to know you can turn to me for all your Chiropractic needs, as many have done for 40 years. From pain relief to spinal correction, I'm skilled in the latest procedures.

As an active Chiropractor, I still attend hours of post-grad schooling to keep up with all the advances in natural health care. I have authored several books on various topics on health, as well have lectured to other Doctors on various topic from Risk Management to Practice management.

I'm grateful to the Kenosha community for all that it's given me. And, I believe in giving back by providing only the finest kind of Chiropractic care.

If you would like to know more, or would like to arrange an initial visit and consultation, please call us today. My team of professionals and I look forward to welcoming you to ou Chiropractic family.

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