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Auto Accident in Kenosha?

Dr.Hammett has 0ver 38 years experience in treating injuries from auto accidents. We accept most insurances and work well with most Attorneys. If you've been involved in an auto accident in Kenosha or Racine county, contact our office for a no cost consultation Today!


We'll make sure that you know, that we know how you feel. Our new patient Chiropractic examinations and X-rays are designed to tell us if you have a Chiropractic problem or not!

As far as care is concerned , we will show what we think is wrong and give you options on the fastest way to address the problem. We accept most insurance's and if you have no or poor insurance coverage we will do our best to work out on how best to pay for the care you want.

Whether your looking for pain relief or a long term solution to your health problems, we are here to help!

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Many people don't understand the role Chiropractic has in their everyday health. Chiropractic care at our clinic in Kenosha is about looking for the cause of poor health. It is about a properly functioning nervous system, Diet and Exercise, Stress reduction and more. When you need a Chiropractor in Kenosha you want one that has helped many different types of health problems and that's where we're an asset when it comes to your families health.

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We put your family’s Health and Well-Being First, for over 38 years!

We offer the best advice and current health news to keep your family as healthy and safe as possible.

As one of Kenosha longest practicing Chiropractic office's we've had years of experience with the prevention of many chronic health problems, in fact we are treating our fourth generation of kenosha families. If you have a pain issue or are interested in a long term solution for your health problems call us Today.

Immediate Appointments are available!

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