If Drugs were the answer to becoming and staying healthy, then after over 100 years of various drug therapies we should be living to 150 years old!

Drugs only cover up symptoms and do not create health, they only create a new set of health problems for the patient. Serving Kenosha since 1980, Hammett Clinic looks for the cause of dis-ease, not only treating the symtoms!

What's the definition of Health?

This is the world wide, World Health Organizations definition of Health!

Notice that no where does it talk about pain or symptoms!

That's because Pain and symptoms are the last thing to show up when you develop disease.

With the onset of cell phones we are creating a whole society of hunch backs! Look at your child's posture, really look at it! If your not sure have Dr.Hammett check it. For over 37 years in Kenosha, Dr.Hammett has been correcting posture from children to seniors!

So many choices, so many mistakes we can make that make old age a misery! What kind of life are you designing when it comes to your health? Have you had your nervous system checked by a corrective care chiropractor in Kenosha, like us? 

How's that diet? Stress Levels? Exercise? I know it's a lot, but you know ... Your'e worth it!

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